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"So lets rise up and help one another live our hearts' song, live out our dreams; following our hearts call we'll live in our glory, knowing that we're part of each other and everything - that's love."

                             - Laura Beth, That's Love

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"Singing is for us all."

- Laura Beth

 "Music energizes me, it connects me to my very soul, to God, to others.  Now more than ever before I am committing to music.  I am walking the path of my life and committing whole heartedly to following my calling. I'm listening now harder than I have ever listened in my life. I know I may, as I have before, encounter doubt but I now know without a shadow of a doubt that there will be music."

- Laura Beth

Laura Beth (B.Mus., B.Mus.Ed., O.C.T) is a classically trained musician in voice and piano.  At the tender age of 16 songwriting became a way to navigate her emotions and thoughts.  Her sister sent her into a recording studio on her 19th birthday to record a three song demo.  The first time she ever sang a full set of her own tunes was at the ECMA and JUNO awards showcases in 2002. 

Over the past 19 years she has been working professionally in various combinations as a singer, musical theatre performer, music director, church choir director, community choir director, youth and children's honour choir director, songwriter, composer/arranger, and private and public school music teacher.  She is passionate about bringing people together in song and believes from her very depths that everyone can sing.  Yes, that's right, she said EVERYONE.   


One of her life's missions is to build community through music and help raise up people who when they think of singing they think "of course I sing".  "I know I can help access and build self-esteem and self-respect in people of all ages through music.  I have seen young children, shy adolescent youth and adults access their voice and in turn access more self-confidence.  With more self confidence comes self-respect and self-love.  With more self-love comes more empathy, tolerance, grace and love for others." 

        -  Laura Beth 

Teaching in the school system and directing church choirs, community choirs and honour choirs has been an opportunity for her to experience this.  Now, in Nova Scotia, she's been following her hearts call to bring people together in song directing Tantallon Voices In Rhythm - a community choir of adults who sing for the joy of singing.  Laura Beth is happy and honoured to be making music with people of all ages.  At the mention of this, bubbling over with enthusiasm, she exclaims "Singing with others is in my own personal dictionary under JOY!" 


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